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TynoWeld Automatic darkening welding helmet

Welding is an intricate and potentially hazardous task that requires reliable protective equipment. Among the most essential pieces of safety gear is the automatic darkening welding helmet. TynoWeld has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of high-quality automatic darkening welding helmet, particularly known for its automatic darkening welding helmet. This article will delve into the features, benefits, and various series of TynoWeld automatic darkening welding helmet, highlighting their suitability for welding, cutting, and grinding tasks.

Common Features of TynoWeld Automatic darkening welding helmet
TynoWeld automatic darkening welding helmet are designed to offer comprehensive protection and convenience. Here are some common features:

1. Automatic Darkening Lens: The core feature of these helmet is the welding helmet auto darkening lens, which transitions from a light to a dark state in response to the welding arc. This ensures optimal visibility and protection for the welder.

2. Sensitivity Control: Allows adjustment of the helmet’s responsiveness to different light intensities, making it adaptable to various welding environments.

3. Delay Time Control: Adjustable delay time from 0.15 to 1 second, enables the user to set the delay before the lens returns to its light state after welding. This feature is crucial for preventing eye strain and enhancing comfort.

4. Light Shade and Stepless Dark Shade Control: Typically, the light shade is at #3 or #4, while the dark shade ranges from 5-13, catering to different welding processes and brightness levels.

5. ADF Self-Check: An automatic darkening filter (ADF) self-check feature ensures the lens is functioning correctly, adding an extra layer of safety before welding.


6. Low Battery Alarm Light: Alerts the user when the battery needs replacement, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

7. UV/IR Protection: Provides protection up to DIN16, shielding the welder’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

8. Full Automatic Power On/Off: The helmet powers on and off automatically, conserving battery life and enhancing user convenience.

9. Power Supply: Operated by solar cells and a replaceable lithium battery, offering extended use and reliability.

10. Operating and Storing Temperature: Designed to withstand harsh conditions, with an operating temperature range from -20℃ to 80℃ and a storing temperature from -20℃ to 70℃.

11. Durable Materials: The lens is made of liquid crystal, while the shield is constructed from robust PP/PA material.

12. Fast Switching Time: The lens can switch states in as little as 1/25000s, providing instant protection.

13. Protective Lenses: Each self darkening welding mask includes a front protective lens and an inside protective lens, extending the lifespan of the ADF.


14. Welding head gear: With a variety of head gear styles available, customers can choose the most suitable one.


15. Warranty: A warranty period of 1-2 years is provided, covering quality issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

16. OEM Services: TynoWeld offers customization services for those who want personalized decals on their helmet. For bulk orders, the production time is typically 30-35 working days, with priority given to urgent orders.

Different Series of TynoWeld Automatic darkening welding helmet

1. TynoWeld Basic Series

The Basic Series is designed for most welders. Despite being the basic range, these automatic darkening welding helmet offer comprehensive protection and functionality. Key features include:

• Light shade #3/#4 and dark shade range from #9-13

• Viewing size: 92*42mm/ 100*60mm

• Solar cells with Sealed lithium battery

• Soft PP material


2. TynoWeld Professional Series

The Professional Series is tailored for professional welders who demand higher performance and durability. These automatic darkening welding helmet come with enhanced features such as:

• Extended dark shade range #5-13 for various welding applications

• Large viewing size: 98*88mm

• Shield is made of more robust construction PA materials

• Superior power management with solar cells and replaceable or USB batteries


TynoWeld different Series automatic darkening welding helmet


There are diverse shields models for you choose, from small view sight to wide view auto darkening welding helmet. If customers require OEM customization, you can specify preferences for helmet features, materials, and designs.

TynoWeld automatic darkening welding helmet stand out for their versatility, reliability, and user-friendly features. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or an industrial welder, TynoWeld offers a range of options to suit your specific needs. TynoWeld’s commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction makes them a leading choice for automatic darkening welding helmet. With TynoWeld, you can trust that your automatic darkening welding helmet will not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing the protection and performance you need to work safely and efficiently.