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Adjustable Headgear for Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Application:

TynoWeld Welding Headgear with deluxe sweatband is a replacement part for welding helmets. The headgear assembly can be easily adjusted by means of a knob located at the back, and can be adjusted while wearing a helmet. The headgear has both crown (height) and circumference adjustments. The headgear attaches to the helmet with the ratchet fastener assembly on the side of the headgear. The headgear is equipped with a sweatband to absorb sweat and provide comfort to the user. Fits almost all the welding helmets with square hole on both side.

Product Detail

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About this item
Replacement headgear for welding helmets
Headgear can be easily adjusted
Headgear has crown and circumference adjustment
Headgear attaches to the helmet by the bolt and knob assembly on the side
Sweatband absorbs sweat and provides comfort to user
Comfort – Designed to provide three primary points of contact (Front, Top & Back) to distribute weight evenly; Contours to the head to establish 6 separate contact points to distribute weight and optimize balance
Innovative and easy to use slide adjustments for a personalized fit
Flexible, padded front and rear headbands eliminate pressure
Vertical position hinge keeps helmet out of your line of sight to increase safety
Easy To Use – Easily adjustable headbands for optimal fit and comfort

Technical Details

Manufacturer TynoWeld
Part Number ‎HG-4,-5,-6
Product Dimensions ‎5.91 x 4.69 x 4.02 inches
Material ‎PE, Nylon
Thickness ‎4 Inches

Q:will this fit a pipeliner hood?
A: It fit almost all welding helmet/ hood with square holes on side.

Q: Does this headgear have a locking system? Like I raise my hood and the headgear locks it into place so it doesn’t keep falling down?
A:Yes you can flip up the helmet and use the knob on the side to prevent it from falling.

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