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This is a replaceable part on welding helmet, the transparent cover protects the automatic dimmer lens from scratches and damage. Change lens cap regularly to ensure the best working condition, cleaning and protection. Remove the protective film on both sides before use

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About this item:
● 5pc/pack or 100pc/pack transparent cover lens for welding helmet.
● In order to make your helmet more suitable for welding, the lens cap should be replaced when necessary.
● Before installing it on the helmet, be sure to tear off the plastic caps on both sides of the surface.
● OEM Size:different size choice for you

Outer cover size
FPL-01 109.6X91X1MM
FPL-02 113X89X1MM
FPL-03 108.3X89.5X1MM
FPL-04 116X89X1MM
FPL-05 114.2X90X1MM
FPL-06 115.8X96X1MM
FPL-07 117X104X1MM
FPL-08 113.2X93X1MM
FPL-09 122X143.4X1MM
Inner cover size
IPL-01 108X51X1MM
IPL-03 94.5X44.5X1MM
IPL-04 102.3X50.3X1MM
IPL-05 101.6X53X1.0MM
IPL-06 103X52.6X1MM
IPL-07 102.8X64.8X1MM
IPL-08 107.2X66.2X1MM
IPL-09 104.7X93.9X1MM

Q:what is the lens thickness?
A: 1MM, Much thicker than regular PC lens

Q:Are these fireproof?
A:They’re not fireproof, but it takes a lot of heat close to the lens before it’ll melt
Q:will these fit other brand helmet ?
A:You can check the size of the lens and if the size is OK, then fit different brand welding helmet or welding hood.

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