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TynoWeld is a professional manufacturer which specialized in auto darkening welding helmet and goggles. All of our products get CE certificate, good quality with reasonable price let us earn more loyal customers with long-term cooperation, and keep business going further in PPE field.



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    Tips for choosing the welding helmet ——Make China’s top auto-darkening helmets

    Not all welding helmets are suitable for you, and finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. However, when it comes to quality, durability, and comfort, China's top auto-darkening welding helmets are the epitome of excellence. With features such as adjustab...

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    Welding Filter Developed to Protect Welders’ Eyes

    Auto-darkening welding filters represent a significant breakthrough in industrial safety, a major advancement that ensures maximum protection for welders' eyes. With the increasing demand for efficient welding practices across industries, the development of welding filte...

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    What is TrueColor welding helmet

    Breaking news: Cutting-edge welding helmet revolutionizes welding industry The TrueColor welding helmet is a breakthrough development that has become the latest technological marvel in the welding industry. This cutting-edge helmet features TrueColor technology for unrivaled contrast, clarity an...

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    Introducing the WeldAIRPR Welding Breathing Helmet

    Are you a professional welder and need a high-quality welding helmet with the added safety of a built-in respirator? Look no further! We are pleased to introduce the WeldAIRPR welding breathing helmet, the ultimate solution for welders looking for maximum protection. Our welding respirators are...

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    2023 Revolution on Gold auto darkening welding filter for all welders

    TynoWeld introduces gold lenses for pipe welders to improve safety and performance in 2023 For welders who frequently work with pipes, ensuring a clear view is critical for optimal performance and safety. Recognizing this need, TynoWeld, a leading manufacturer of welding helmets and welding filt...