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Transparent Clear PC Visor Face Protector Face Shield,Clear Lightweight Comfort Safety Mask

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New low cost face shield series provides protection, comfort, mobility & compliance, meeting current high impact standards
For a wide variety of jobs at home or on the job. We provide customers the option to choose from a family of shields to give workers the choice of choosing the right shield for the right job. We offer shields with standard uncoated polycarbonate face protection. All our shields are durable, high quality construction.

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What You Get: Full Face Visor Mask, Provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. – Clear face shield allows work to be done without the dangers of getting flying objects in your eyes or face. Remove protective film before use if it has.
High Quality: Crystal clear visor for clear vision Ratchet head gear Comfortable lightweight Durable hard plastic for long lifetime Headgear with Visor for full face protection with Ratchet suspension for quick & easy adjustment. Visor attaches easily to frame with cam locks.
Comfortable: This product can be worn comfortably with most goggles and respirators and includes a breathable, removable, washable headband and comfortable cell foam on the back of the headgear. , and helping to extend the life of the face shield. Remove protective film before use.Cushioned front and back headband eliminates pressure points and evenly distributes face shield weight. Unique shell & lens profile contours to the head and neck to deflect impacts.
Great For: Automotive, construction, general manufacturing, mining, oil/gas uses. Weighs 14 oz. offers face protection for many tasks where flying sparks, chips and debris are present.
Mpact Protection: High density clear polycarbonate lens is 190% thicker than a standard face shield for enhanced protection.
Adjustable Fit- The modern headgear allows you to adjust face to lens distance, tightness / looseness, top of head fit and more to ensure comfort.

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