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Best Sellers of Welding Helmet in Christmas Sales

During the upcoming Christmas, lots of E-Commerce platforms promote big discount sale for customers, according to the Amazon November Data of most popular products on sales in welding safety industry, As the year draws to a close, many consumers are taking advantage of Christmas sales and discounts to invest in high-quality welding supplies. Here we want to introduce some popular models in market.

One of the best-selling welding helmet on Amazon in November is the Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (Mask), which is available in multiple sizes. Here recommended large window size 133*114*10mm-TN350/TN360.

It has fully transparent True Color technology to achieve HD vision, with 4 arc sensors which could increase the sensitivity of filters. The helmet shell are made of Nylon(PA) material which could resist high/low temperature, and filter’s optical class could up to 1/1/1/1, certified to CE, ANSI, CSA and AS (click to see the certificates)standards for maxium safety and performance. Powered with solar energy and USB charging.

At the same time, our 110*90*9mm-TN08 is also fashionable in the market, the popularity of it can be attributed to these impressive features.

They are suitable for various welding occasions such as TIG/MIG/MMA, and the ability to provide HD vision and protection. In addition, welding helmets and glasses are equipped with advanced internal filter providing bright state 4 and 5-8/9-13 dark state range. Featuring a 0.2ms switching time and solar PLUS lithium battery power, these products are designed to meet the needs of welders in a variety of environments.

Our welding helmets feature sensitivity control, allowing welders to adjust sensitivity levels to suit different welding processes. The delay control function for different weld occasions, Additionally, grinding mode allows for seamless transitions between welding and grinding tasks, providing user convenience and efficiency. Equipped with self-checking features to ensure all components are in working order before use, ensuring users a reliable and safe experience. A low-battery alarm alerts the user when the helmet's battery is low, preventing interruptions during critical welding tasks. With internal or external shading adjustment options, welders have the flexibility to tailor the shade of darkness to their specific welding needs. In addition to welding helmet, Amazon customers have also shown strong interest in Welding Filters/Lenses, which are praised for their portability and great performance. These auto-darkening welding filters/lenses further enhances the appeal of welding helmets products as they can be seamlessly integrated into the welding hoods or welding pancakes, being available in a variety of colors and shades, including True Color grey, golden, blue-violet and silver, sigle shade or variable shade5-13. 2*4-1/4 welding lens always provide excellent protection when welding.

With Christmas sales and discounts in full swing, many consumers are taking the opportunity to invest in these essential welding supplies to ensure they have the necessary equipment to carry out the job safely and effectively. Other than above products, demand for Welding Safety Glasses and other protective accessories remains strong. Welding glasses are famous for its low price, lightweight and convenient, we also provide OEM for it. During welding work, the arc sensors of automatic dimming lens can receive arc light and darken it, show the puddle clearly, so as to protect the eyes.


In the best sellers list, welding accessories are also an indispensable part. Most of the time, welding helmet can be used for a long time, but the accessories may be worn or broken, so welders will buy accessories to replace. Here we have some accessories for our customers, the first one is our PC protective lens, it has CE EN166 certificate in different dimensions. We use the first-hand raw materials to produce to ensure the quality. Second, we produce cosy and comfortable headgear. Introducing our improved welding headgear, designed to provide maximum comfort and durability while ensuring your safety during your welding tasks. A welding helmet is an essential piece of equipment for any welder, and we understand the importance of reliability and comfort for this critical tool. That's why we created a welding headgear that's not only durable, but adjusts to fit your specific head shape, providing a safe and comfortable fit for extended use.

Our HG-5 and HG-6 headgear is made of high-quality Nylon material which is more resilient and durable than PP material, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of daily use in various welding environments. In addition to durability, welding headgear could adjust three dimensions to fit welders’ head circumference, allowing users to customize it to their unique head shape. This adjustability not only improves comfort, but also ensures the helmet stays securely in place, providing continued protection without causing discomfort or strain during prolonged use.


Another important piece of equipment is welding black glass (CE), which allows the welder to clearly see the weld puddle while protecting eyes from harmful UV/IR rays and flying debris. Traditionally, black glass has been mostly used, but based on the customer's preference, we have introduced gold-coated, silver-coated glass, as they have different soldering effects.
Welding black glass is a popular choice among welders because it provides protection, more important, it is cheap!!! Additionally, the “hardening” craft makes them durable and unbreakable. The affordability of welding black glass also makes it an attractive option for welders looking for simple protective lens that won't out of budget.


Gold-coated welding glass, brings luxury and style to the welding experience. Gold plating not only provides a unique and sophisticated look, but also serves a practical purpose. The reflective properties of gold plating help reduce heat and glare, making it easier for welders to see the weld puddle without causing eye strain. Additionally, gold plating adds a layer of insulation that keeps the glass cool to the touch even during extended use. This makes gold-coated welding glass ideal for welders who value functionality and aesthetics in their protective equipment.


Silver-coated welding glass is another option that combines style and performance. Silver-coated glass offers similar benefits with gold-coated glass.


In addition to their unique appearances, all three types of welded glass have one advantage in common: their size 2*4-1/4’’ fit American Hood. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of welding equipment, allowing welders to easily integrate these protective glasses into their existing gear. The ability to seamlessly replace these glasses into their hood allows welders to focus on the work at hand without having to worry about compatibility issues or limitations.
Ultimately, the choice between welding black, gold-coated, and silver-coated soldering glass comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the welder. With the ability to provide clear weld puddle visibility, affordability, and a durable, non-brittle craft, these three options provide valuable benefits to welders looking for reliable protective welding glass.


The surge sales of these welding products shows a growing awareness of the importance of safety and quality in the welding industry. With advanced technologies like True Color and auto-darkening, welders can improve clarity and protect their eyes when working in challenging environments. Features such as replaceable batteries, fast switching time and diverse viewing size, catering to both professional welders and DIY enthusiasts.


With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about spreading some festive cheer with Christmas sales. For those in the welding industry, this is a great opportunity to get special promotions on welding helmets. However, it's not just sales, the focus should be on ensuring provide quality and service to customers, publize the knowledge of welding protection, and help customers buy the product suitable.

When you purchasing welding helmets at Christmas, it's crucial to highlight these factors (News- Tips for choosing the welding helmet ), the quality of the materials used in the production of welding helmet, customers can have confidence in choosing our products for its durability and performance. Whether it's premium filter, a durable headgear or reliable auto-darkening, these are the things that make a difference in the long use. While many welding helmets look similar on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. At our company, we are proud of our materials, production, testing and certification processes, all of which are industry-leading. This means that when customers purchase one of our welding helmets, they can be confident that they are receiving a product that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

In addition to quality, attentive service provided to customers also is our focus. Whenever before, during or after your purchase, our support and assistance always follow you. Whether it's providing guidance on selecting a welding helmet that suits your needs, providing timely shipping and delivery, or responding to any inquiries or concerns, we always there to help you.

Christmas promotions on welding helmets should not just focus on offering discounts, but should emphasize the quality and service. With the best materials, production, testing and certification processes, we are committed to provide exceptional product and service, welcome to visit our factory!

Post time: Dec-21-2023