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What safety matters should we pay attention to when welding?


What safety matters should we pay attention to when welding? Sometimes these neglects will lead to accidents, so we should try our best to make the hazards occur before the bud ~ Due to the workplaces are very different, and electricity, light, heat and open flames are produced in the work, there are various hazards in the welding operation.
1, It’s easy to cause electric shock accidents.
In the welding process, because welders often need to change the covered electrode and adjust the welding current, they need to directly contact the electrodes and polar plates during operation, and the welding power supply is usually 220V/380V. When the electrical safety protection device is faulty, the labor protection articles are unqualified, and the operator operates illegally, it may cause electric shock accidents. In the cases of welding in metal containers, pipelines or wet places,The riskes of electric shock is bigger.

2, It is easy to cause fire and explosion accidents.
Because electric arc or open flame will be produced in the welding process, it is easy to cause fire when working in places with flammable materials. Especially in flammable and explosive device areas (including pits, ditches, troughs, etc.), it is more dangerous when welding on containers, towers, tanks and pipelines that have stored flammable and explosive media.

3, It is easy to cause electro-optic ophthalmia.
Because of the strong visible light and a large amount of invisible ultraviolet rays generated during welding, it has a strong stimulating and damaging effect on people’s eyes. Long-term direct irradiation will cause eye pain, photophobia, tears, fear of wind, etc., and easily lead to inflammation of conjunctiva and cornea (commonly known as electro-optic ophthalmia).
The arc light produced in welding with light radiation contains infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and visible light, and has radiation effect on human body. It has the function of infrared radiation, which easily leads to heatstroke when welding in high temperature environment. Has the photochemical action of ultraviolet rays, which is harmful to people’s skin, and at the same time, long-term exposure to exposed skin will also cause skin peeling.Long-term exposure to visible light will cause eye vision loss.

4, It is easy to cause falling from a height.
As the construction work required, welders should often climb high for welding operations. If the measures for preventing falling from a height are not perfect, scaffolding is not standardized and is used without acceptance. Take isolation measures to prevent objects from hitting in cross operation; Welders are not aware of personal safety protection, and do not wear safety helmet or safety belt when climbing.In case of careless walking, the impact of unexpected objects and other reasons, it may cause high falling accidents.

5, Electric welders who are prone to poisoning and suffocation often need to enter closed or semi-closed places such as metal containers, equipment, pipelines, towers and storage tanks for welding. If toxic and harmful media and inert gases have been stored, transported or produced, once the work management is poor, the protective measures are not in place, which will easily cause poisoning or hypoxia and suffocation of operators.This phenomenon often occurs in oil refining, chemical industry and other enterprises.

Post time: Sep-18-2021