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Difference between ordinary mask and auto darkening welding helmet

Ordinary welding mask:
Ordinary welding mask is a piece of helmet shell with black glass. Usually the black glass is only a regular glass with shade 8, when welding you use the black glass and when grinding some people will replace the balck glass to a clear glass in order to see clearly. The welding helmet usually require wide visual field, high visibility, portability, ventilation, comfortable wearing, no air leakage, firmness and durability. Common black glass can only protect against strong light during welding, it is impossible to block the infrared rays and ultraviolet rays which are more harmful to eyes during welding, which will induce electro-optic ophthalmia. In addition, due to the characteristics of black glass, the welding spot cannot be seen clearly during arc starting and you can only weld according to your experience and feelings. Thus will lead to some safty problems.

Auto darkening welding helmet:
Auto darkening welding helmet is also called automatic welding mask or automatic welding helmet. Mainly comprises an Auto Darkening Filter and a helmet shell. Auto darkening welding filter is an updated high-tech labor protection article, which uses the photoelectric principle, and when the arc of electric welding is generated, the sensors catch the signals and then the LCD change from bright to dark at very high speed 1/2500ms. Darkness can be adjusted between DIN4-8 and DIN9-13 according to different situations such as cutting and welding and grinding. The front of LCD is equipped with reflective coated glass, which forms an efficient UV/IR filter combination with multilayer LCD and polarizer. Make the ultraviolet light and infrared light completely impassable. Thereby effectively protecting the eyes of welders from the damage of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. When you want to stop welding and start grinding, just put it to the grind mode and then you can see clear and it can also protect your eyes smoothly.

Post time: Sep-18-2021