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How TynoWeld auto-darkening products protect your safety?

♦ What is a welding helmet?


Welding helmet is a kind of protective equipment used to protect against harmful light radiation, welding droplets, molten metal splashes and heat radiation and other eye and face injuries to welders. Welding helmets are not only protective articles for welding occupational hazards, but also necessary auxiliary tools for welding operations. The auto-darkening welding helmet greatly improves the work efficiency and ensures the quality of work.


♦ What are welding helmets used for? 


1. Eye protection: double filter to avoid ultraviolet rays generated by arcing and infrared harmful radiation, as well as welding light caused by strong light on the eyes injury, eliminate the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmitis.

2. Face protection: effectively prevent splashes and harmful bodies from causing damage to the face, and reduce the occurrence of skin burns.

3. Respiratory protection: airflow guidance, effectively reduce the harmful gases and dust released by welding to cause damage to the body, and prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosi.

How welding helmet work?


Auto-darkening welding helmet is currently the most advanced welding helmet in the industry, which applies light detection technology and liquid crystal technology. The working principle is that when the arc sensors of the helmet receives the red ultraviolet light generated by the welding work, the liquid crystal control circuit is triggered, and the corresponding driving signal is applied to the liquid crystal according to the preset light transmittance.

Post time: Aug-03-2023