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Black goggles in welding/welding safety goggles/self darkening welding goggles

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The auto-darkening feature of these goggles eliminates the need for welders to repeatedly lift their helmets to check their work, as the lens automatically adjusts to the appropriate darkness level. This not only improves efficiency and productivity but also reduces the risk of eye strain and fatigue.

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Optical class 1/2/1/2
Filter dimension 108×51×5.2mm
View size 92×31mm
Light state shade #3
Dark state shade DIN10
Switching time 1/25000S from Light to Dark
Auto recovery time  0.2-0.5S Automatic 
Sensitivity control Automatic 
Arc sensor 2
Low TIG Amps Rated AC/DC TIG, > 15 amps
GRINDING function Yes
UV/IR protection Up to DIN15 at all time
Powered supply Solar Cells & Sealed Lithium battery
Power on/off Full automatic
Material PVC/ABS
Operate temp from -10℃--+55℃
Storing temp from -20℃--+70℃
Warranty 1 Years
Standard CE EN175 & EN379, ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3
Application range Stick Welding (SMAW); TIG DC∾ TIG Pulse DC; TIG Pulse AC; MIG/MAG/CO2; MIG/MAG Pulse;  Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

Introducing our latest innovation in welding safety gear - the ultimate welding goggles.  These goggles are designed to provide welders with maximum protection and comfort, making them a must-have addition to any welding kit.  With a sleek black design and auto-darkening feature, these goggles are not only stylish but also functional.  Whether you are a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, these welding goggles are a must-have to ensure safety and precision during your welding tasks.

Our welding goggles are designed to meet the highest safety standards, providing reliable protection against harmful UV rays, sparks and debris.  The auto-dimming feature ensures optimal visibility and eye protection, allowing for seamless transitions between light and dark environments.  This feature is especially useful for welders working in a variety of lighting conditions, as it eliminates the need for manual adjustments and increases overall efficiency.

In addition to excellent safety features, our welding goggles are built for long-term durability.  Made from high-quality materials, these goggles are built to withstand the rigors of welding work, ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance.  This makes it a cost-effective investment for welders who need durable and reliable safety gear for their daily tasks.

One of the main advantages of our welding goggles is their versatility.  Whether you're working at heights, TIG welding, or any other welding application, these goggles provide the necessary protection and clarity for optimal performance.  Its lightweight and ergonomic design further enhances its usability, allowing for prolonged wear without discomfort or strain.

Additionally, our welding goggles are designed to provide excellent value without compromising on quality.  With its affordable price, welders can get top-notch safety gear without breaking the bank.  This makes them ideal for professionals and amateurs alike, ensuring safety is always a priority without sacrificing budget constraints.

All in all, our welding goggles are the perfect combination of style, safety and affordability.  With auto-darkening, durable construction, and a versatile design, these goggles are a game-changer for welders looking for reliable eye protection.  Whether you're working on aerial projects or complex welding tasks, these goggles are the ultimate companion for safety and precision.  Upgrade your welding gear with our welding goggles and experience the difference in comfort, clarity and peace of mind.


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