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26TH Essen Fair In Shenzhen



Exhibitiors:1160 company    Visitors:34888 people. 

International exhibitors account for 5%, international visitors account for about 20%, mainly are from South America, Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, Arabs, few visitors from European and American countries.

According to many welding helmet customers, Chinese visas have been particularly difficult to apply this year, some originally planned business teams have reduced to one person or even couldn’t even come. The domestic traders at this fair are not as active as the Essen Fair in Shanghai, probably because many welding related companies are in the northeast of China or Zhejiang where is a long way to Shenzhen,

1. TynoWeld Summary

(1) TynoWeld focused on welding helmets and welding filters. foreign customers visitors are about 15-20 batches per day, and domestic customers about 40 batches, compared with the previous fair, foreign business grew exponentially, and Chinese domestic traders fell by half.


(2) New product

• Solor welding filter TC108 Series using new nylon frame

• Auto-darkening golden lens

• TC108: optical class 1/1/1/1 dark shade 9/10/11/12

• New upgrade PA headgear HG-6

• New welding glasses&welding goggles

• New welding helmet model TN360A+ New decals design


(3) Price

• The price of TH3P welding helmet with respirators has dropped to $195-$210

• The exchange rate of US dollar is considerable, and the corresponding price of all products has been reduced by about 5%.

• The logistics is not crazier than last year, and the overall price tends to be stable.

2. Market Summary

• Although the epidemic is over, the world economy is still in a downturn, but compared with last year, the overall situation is still optimistic. Many customers gradually become active since the first half of the year, and the economy is slowly recovering. The second half of the year is expected to have a big recovery.

• What should pay particular attention for the welding helmet industry this year is that EU DIN Lab updated and began to adopt the EN ISO 16321 standard which is more rigorous, with a transition period until the end of 2024. TynoWeld keeps up with advanced standards and is already testing products on new standards.

• At the same time, there are few breakthroughs in the welding helmet line, and the mainstream of new welding helmet is still the change of PC face shield of different shapes, the only remarkable point is that in addition to the traditional plastic face shield, this year also appeared fiberglass, other changes are only digital display welding lens, like the different parameters of lens window, no obvious technical upgrades. Innovative customers like these differentiation route; Other practical customers care more about product quality, stability& price, so as to take the cost-effective route.

• True Color welding helmet are becoming more mainstream, and our True Color in Blue is more popular in the market.

Post time: Jul-11-2023